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Have you ever thrown a big event and been in need of AV services? If so, you know just how critical these services are to the success of your event. As they use these different services, the audience engagement goes up, as they are being stimulated and their attention is being held. At ANDX, it is our goal to make sure that you receive the best AV services for your event, no matter what it may be. Our certified and qualified staff will set up and take down all of the equipment that is needed to make your event great.

What are AV Services?

AV services are all things audio and visual for their event. This can range from the recording of an event, to dance lighting, to having a good speaker system, or making sure that your microphones are of a professional quality. All of these things can be very beneficial when hosting an event. Making sure that the AV system is of a professional quality, can really set up your event for success and keep your audience captivated throughout the event. The next time that you are thinking of hosting an event, make sure to contact ANDX to make sure that all of your AV systems are of the highest quality.

Benefits of Having an AV System at Your Event

There are many events that are associated with having an AV system. Although it may seem like it is an investment that you are not sure of making, here are just some of the ways that having AV at your event can help you.

Keep Audience Engaged

Whether you are throwing a party, or a work related event, AV services can help you maintain the attention of your audience. If you are throwing a party, then having a stage with professional mixers and speakers, that can really influence how many people are wanting to get up and dance at your event. In contrast, if you are hosting a work related event, having a camera to record, or even having a projector with a presentation is a good way to ensure that your audience has the opportunity to stay engaged with the message of the speakers.

Set the Tone for the Event

Have you ever gone to an event, and there was not a tone that was set? Everything seemed boring, thus making the event seem boring. Another key benefit that having an AV system can bring for your event is creating a tone. The way that the audience sees the tone of your event. If you set the tone in a positive, exciting manner, then you will more likely have better participation and engagement for your event.

Services Offered

We offer services that will be sure to fit all of your AV needs, no matter your event. We realize that different equipment will be used for different events, so we have a variety of different options that you can choose from in order to make your event great!

Audio Systems

Having good audio systems and equipment is essential in hosting a great event. Whether it is a party, or a professional conference, having reliable audio equipment is essential for the guests to have a great time at your event. At ANDX, we offer a full range of speakers and PA systems, professional quality microphones, professional mixers, performance equipment, or anything else that you could need for your event. When it comes to your audio needs for your event, look on further, ANDX has got you covered. 

Video Systems

When having a professional event, or a keynote speaker, having good video production equipment is essential in making sure that your event gives your audience a great experience. When you use the ANDX video equipment, it will elevate your event to the next level. We offer seamless recordings with high definition cameras. From the cameras, to the presentation displays, ANDX has the equipment and the experiences that are needed to make the videos at your event professional level.

Event Lighting

As an event planner, it is common knowledge that the lighting of the event can completely set up the mood and the tone for how the event will go. No matter if your event is for a party or is a professional event, having appropriate lighting can make all the difference. Lighting has the ability to keep your audience captivated throughout the entirety of your event. At ANDX we offer different stage lighting in order to set up the mood and vibe for your event. We offer different stage lighting options so that you can choose one that is correct for your event.


Having a stage or a place to emphasize in your event can make sure that your event is a success. If there is a certain vibe that you are wanting to capture at your event, then having a stage can help set the tone for your event. You can custom design your stage, so that you can choose how the event looks. Our team is certified and will make sure that the setup of your stage is safe, so that your event can go off without a hitch.


ANDX feels passionately about helping you create the event of your dreams. With the professional grade equipment, and the experienced staff, you will not have to worry about any of the AV services. When you leave a description of the services that you are interested in, as well as your budget, we will work with you so that you can get the highest quality equipment for your event, while sticking to your budget. Our team will come and take care of the set up and take down, so that you do not have to worry about any of that. 

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