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Since 2014, ANDX has been working with musicians, artists and businesses from around the world to enhance their audiences’ experience with audio and visual technology. If you are looking to impress, we are here for you. Our full service event production solutions are here for your:


  • Peace of mind that your production will run smoothly with precision
  • Dynamic audience interaction
  • Professional level audio and video interface for small or large businesses
  • Set up stunning displays in local convention centers or other venues regardless of size, small to large
  • Create immersive experiences for your audience, no matter if that’s people attending a business meeting, audiences at a concert or whole towns
  • Get expert help for those wanting to record online classes or wanting to live stream to people around the globe
  • Boost the audio and visual experience to impress any audience
Audio Visual Boise





Our audio techs will be on site so you do not have to worry about a thing. We are here to provide professional quality sound to your production. We have everything that you will need to create the experience of a lifetime from professional level microphones to high quality speakers to mixers. We have the knowledge and experience in order to run all equipment and audio levels to deliver the best sounds to the audience. This includes ensuring that all audience members can hear but also that it is clear enough to understand. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to hear what is happening on stage. When we take care of your audio, you are able to focus on delivering to your audience what you do best. 




ANDX will help you to get professional video recordings with our top of the line cameras and projectors for a display that will captivate your audience. Let boring presentations and fuzzy videos be a thing of the past. People will be more engaged if they are able to see a video clearly while being on a large screen so those in the back of the crowd can also see the visuals. Adding visuals can help keep your audience engaged and entertained. If you want to make sure your audience takes you seriously, you should be serious about the quality that they are seeing. If you are taking the effort to create a great presentation, you will want to make sure it is displayed with the highest quality and crisp video. Enhance your audience’s experience with cutting edge visuals with our professional screens and projectors. 




Add flare to your event with lighting to energize any atmosphere. Lighting should not be an afterthought because it can make all the difference. The importance of lighting can and will set the tone for the entire night. We can help emphasize the mood with exceptional lighting effects in order to create the experience that you are wanting to give. At the end of most concerts, shows, or any performance there is typically dramatic lighting. It is captivating the audience and creates a moment to be remembered. Whatever you have in mind we can help you achieve it. We have stunning illuminating options for you to choose from in order to leave a lasting impression. 




At ANDX we truly are a full service team to help you achieve professional performances. We will set up a customized stage to correctly display the vibe you are trying to portray. Whether you need a large stage that could fit a full orchestra or a small stage for a one man comedy show. Placement of items on the stage is also important to ensure safety and to showcase all components of the performance. We want whoever is going to be on stage to feel comfortable and important. That is why we ensure that the staging is right for whoever will be taking the stage. 

Audio Visual Boise





Many events have been transitioning to online only. We will be able to help you enhance your performance with a high quality live stream to deliver the same high quality performance. This way your attendees can feel as though they are there in person. We can work with professors that are wanting to stream their classes but want to ensure students are getting quality still. We can also help stream an entire virtual concert. There is no event too big or small for us to help you stream.




More recently, people are expecting everything to be live streamed. If you would like to give your audience an option of attending in person or watching through a live stream we can help you with that. We can ensure that those that are in the audience and those attending virtually are both receiving quality sound and visuals. This allows individuals to do what makes them feel the most comfortable without sacrificing the experience. Doing both can help you stretch your audience across the globe and help you grow your viewership.




ANDX has a professional studio to help you get the high definition video you are looking for. We have all your studio lighting needs to keep your message clear. We have a green screen to customize your production and help your ideas come to life. We have multiple cameras in order to give different angled feeds to keep the audience engaged and give different perspectives. Our studio is where all the magic happens because once you have used our equipment, our skilled editors use cutting edge software to put the final touches on your video in order to give it the wow factor it deserves. 




We can help with your AV needs pretty much anywhere! Some common places you might need our professional help:


  • Concert Venues
  • Houses of Worship
  • Wedding Venues
  • Convention Centers
  • Conference Room
  • Private Office
  • Outdoor Amphitheater




If this is your first time putting on an event for an audience, chances are you may want to try and be budget conscious. You can set up a stage and do the audio by yourself, and get a basic spotlight that never changes or adjusts the mood. This may work out for you but will not create that memorable experience for those that are in attendance. Doing it yourself may never get the large crowd your hoping for because it doesn’t deliver that professional touch people like to see. With ANDX, you will be able to dazzle your audience and create an incredible experience that they will definitely never forget. We will be able to tailor the mood and feeling that you are wanting to give your audience. All you have to do is tell us what you are wanting and then you have peace of mind without worrying about the technical details. We’ve got you covered so you can focus on what you are showing the audience. 




The history of ANDX is rooted in live production and we have lots of experience with all kinds of shows. We have years of sound experience and understand what it takes to create the perfect space. Let yourself focus on what you do best, nailing your performance, and leave the rest up to us to give your audience an experience they will be sure to remember for years to come. If you are interested in letting us help you create a memorable experience for your audience, please contact us today by filling out the form and letting us know all about your upcoming event! If you are interested in pricing packages, check out our pricing page

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