Available Positions:

Oversee the event team in a fun filled entertainment industry across our brands including: ANDX Entertainment, Westbank Convention Center Motor Vu Drive-In. Also assisting in the following events of (Deck the Falls, Concerts)


  1.  Lead Operations team
    • Know each team member and help them reach their full potential
    • Assign event leads to scheduled events and ensure tools and equipment ready to execute
    • Schedule technicians
    • Inventory
    • LMA (Lead Manage and hold Accountable) for all aspects of operations
    • Safety
  2.  Maintain records and detailed in assignments on Asana and Current
  3.  Report relevant metrics to the management team on a weekly basis
  4. Communicate with your team and hold a weekly operations meeting
  5. Oversee the training and certification process of team

Key Characteristics:

Leadership, Innovative, Service Minded, Ambitious, Organized and Detailed, Dynamic, Positive

Est. PT 25 hours a week, with the intent to move that person to FT
Pay $8-20 depending on skillset and experience