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ANDX is an entertainment company who looks to give you the best experience no matter what type of event you are throwing. We know how difficult it can be to throw an event, and to make sure that all the pieces are working together in the way that you would like. We look to enhance your events by offering you professional level equipment and service, as well as a peace of mind. We take care of everything from set up to take down, so that you don’t have to worry about that at all. You can rest easy knowing that your events will be handled by an experienced staff and a team full of experts. We can ensure you that your party or event will go without a hitch.


What are AV Systems?


Audio Visual systems are electronic media systems that have both the sound and sight components. AV systems are essential to events that would include any sort of presentation, different speakers, music, or even videos. These systems make it much more engaging for your audience so that they can get the most out of your event. AV equipment has proved to be beneficial for any sort of meetings, conferences, or even for parties. We know that each of these different events requires different equipment. We have the professional for any of these events, so that we can cater specifically to your needs.


Why Do I Need an AV System at My Event?


AV systems help bring your event to life, they have the potential to move your audience or to make or break their whole experience at your event. When it is utilized correctly, it can help engage your audience and help your guests participate. They will have an easier time connecting with the presentation and the messages that you are trying to convey. As the audience has a great connection with your presentation, it will be more likely for them to have a lasting impression of the message that you were conveying. AV systems are shown to keep your audience stimulated, engage and encourage participation of the audience, convey messages that would have otherwise been hard to follow, highlight key messages, and stay focused on the most important messages that you are trying to convey.


Services Offered




Good audio systems are essential in hosting a successful event. Without professional audio equipment, it easily becomes hard for the guests to hear, understand and participate in the way that they would like to. At ANDX, it is important to us to give you professional audio equipment that will give you and your guests the best experience at your events as possible. We offer a full range of PA and speaker systems, high quality microphones, professional mixers, professional performance equipment, and everything else that is in between. No matter your audio needs, ANDX has your needs covered.




Elevate your events with video. Video is a great way to capture the attention of your guests, no matter what your event may be. Video makes it easier for your guests to visualize and conceptualize your concepts or is just a fun way to get them more involved. Professional seamless video and high-definition recordings will be sure to take your events to the next level. From presentation displays to professional cameras, ANDX offers not only the equipment, but also the knowledge needed to install and get these professional systems up and running for you. We take pride in giving you and your guests the highest level of visual quality so that your event is great. No matter what your video needs are for your event, we are here to help.




Professional quality lighting can take an event from mediocre to amazing. To host a professional event, high quality lighting is essential. We have the proper lighting equipment no matter what your event is, and what it will be used for. We offer professional stage lighting that will be sure to capture the attention of your audience and leave them captivated. ANDX has the experience and equipment that allows us to create scenes that can vary in color and showmanship. We know just how important it is to create the perfect atmosphere through the lighting and it is our top priority to make sure that is what you will get.




Heighten your production with our staging services. We do custom staging so that your stage can be set up in the way that you have always dreamed of. We build certified and safe staging that will match the look and feel of your event. The safety of you and your guests at your different events is our number one priority. The staging will be set up in a way that will ensure the safety of everyone who will be up on it. No matter the use of your stage, we will ensure that you have a safe setup.


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We want to help you put on the event of your dreams. Whether it is a professional event, a concert, or even a dance, we have the equipment and experience that is needed to elevate your events. We will take care of all the set up and take down so that you do not have to worry about it. ANDX is dedicated to making your event as best as possible for not only for you, but for your guests as well! We would love to talk to you and look forward to working with you!