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ANDX is a company that specializes in entertainment for all types of events. We want to help you with the process of putting on your event and make all of your hard work, planning and preparing worth it. Executing an event can have its challenges which is why you need an experienced team like ANDX. We can provide you with equipment, if needed, and services which includes setting up and taking down your event. This will allow you to sit back and enjoy your hard work!


What does audio visual (AV) mean?


You can break down this term into two parts—audio and visual. Audio refers to hearing while visual is in reference to seeing. Audio visual entertainment is very powerful and can have a powerful impact on an audience.  At ANDX, we have a variety of equipment that you can use for any event. 


ANDX Audio Visual Equipment




For any type of event, it is essential to have high quality audio so all guests can hear it well no matter how large or spread out your audience is. We have a wide range of PA and speaker systems, high quality microphones, professional mixers, performance equipment, and more. Having the best equipment will allow your audience to have a positive and memorable experience. We want your event to be successful on every level.




The ANDX team has the equipment and knowledge required to deliver the best results for our clients. We want to provide you with the highest level of visual quality for your event. We have everything from high end cameras to presentation displays that are available to take your event to the next level! 




We offer professional stage lighting that is essential for any production. This allows your audience to stay engaged and will ensure that they have a wonderful time at the event. At ANDX we also create scenes that vary in color and showmanship.




Elevate your production with a custom stage design. ANDX is certified to build you a certified and safe setup that will help you provide the look and feel you’d like for your event. Presentation is a key component in any event and is an essential part of having your audience stay engaged, feel emotion and comprehend the message. 


Impact of Audio Visual Performance


You might ask yourself what impact audio visual performance can have on the audience. The following are some examples of how audio visual equipment can provide the best outcome for your event. Each example will be explained in more detail below:


  • Feel emotion 
  • Effectively convey a message
  • Engaged audience
  • Great learning tool


Feel Emotion


An audio visual performance can allow people to feel emotion. With the touch of visual and audio components, the audience is more likely to have increased emotional engagement during a performance. In any form of art, the artist wants to convey a message and allow each member of the audience to feel emotionally connected to the performance. Depending on the goal of the event, emotion can also be a strong motivator for selling or donation. Strong emotion can free up those pocketbooks! 


Effectively Convey A Message


It’s crucial that you decide what message you want to convey to your audience. You can talk to an audience all you want, but it’s likely that they won’t be able to stay engaged for too long. With audio and visual effects as part of any presentation, the audience will be entertained and have a great time. A video presentation can be a great way to break up long lectures and be considerate of our new-age shorter attention spans. 


Engaged Audience


All successful events allow the audience to have a positive experience because they are engaged. Help your audience stay engaged by using ANDX’s audio visual equipment–audio, visual, lighting, and stage. This display will help the audience feel connected to the performance and the conveyed message. 


Great Learning Tool


Aside from performances, audio visual effects make for a great learning tool. In a classroom setting, students are more likely to participate and engage with one another. Audio visual enhancements provide more tools for students to learn and succeed in school. This technology can increase productivity in the workplace, especially with the increase of jobs that allow employees to work from home.


Why you should hire ANDX


Our Vision


We want to create an unforgettable experience for your audience and be positively impacted by the live performances of others. We strive to help you get the best results by allowing your event to go smoothly, without you having to worry. Providing the best results is very important to us! We have the technology that allows us to be innovative and have complex processes appear seamless.


Event Types


ANDX is happy and willing to meet your needs and be a part of your event! We can DJ at different venues like receptions, high schools, concerts or any other type of event. We can also help you promote your business!


Client Reviews


If you’re on the fence about hiring our company for your event, here are some things our clients have said about our service.


At ANDX, we care about the needs of our clients and go the extra mile for the success of their event. Our clients have said that we are easy to work with, passionate, and energetic during the event. 


Our clients have also said that we are professional, punctual, affordable, responsive and knowledgeable. We strive to be the very best for our clients so they can trust our ability to help their event to be successful. We do our best to have clear communication with you so we can strive to exceed your expectations!


Reach out today!


At ANDX, we firmly believe that our services and equipment can increase the outcome of your event. Please feel free to reach out about any questions that you may have so we can understand what equipment and service you need for your event. We look forward to working with you–let’s make some magic happen!