AndX History

Early Beginnings

AndX (It’s pronounced and – x) was originally founded January 2015 in Idaho Falls, ID. The reason to create AndX was to provide better experiences for people, push the limits of technology and unleash creativity of bringing people together. We have a firm commitment to our clients and that we are always raising what we can provide them.

Our Name

AndX is the combination of two trains of thought. “And” is about bridging, connecting, and uniting things together. “X” is what many of us have solved for in Math class. Solve for X, what is X? Well, X changes so you can get the expected outcome and so it is with AndX is always redefining and improving what the best is.

Moving Into The Unknown

What started with only some speakers has now become a multifaceted company. Our capabilities go from custom mixes to redesigning AV systems, and so much more in between. We have completed events in over 15 states and have met a lot of incredible people along the way. We value our relationships and appreciate the trust we have in the following organizations: